Counselling Offered


Relationships; individuals, couples – I see couples initially to look at presenting issues and goals for therapy. I then quite often ask to see individuals separately to look at core beliefs/convictions, past unresolved issues, intimacy issues, expressing emotions, etc., – issues that may need exploring in more depth before therapy as a couple resumes.

Mild/moderate mental health issuesinsight and coping strategies


Depression, we look at personal history, emotions that are being ‘de pressed’, energy that is depleted, strengths, life style and ways to cope


Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personal history, origins of the stress, reasons for ‘the freeze’, coping strategies, anxiety management techniques


Sexual abuse, self-abuse and its survival. I will listen to your story and help you find a way through


Parenting philosophy and tips; The STEP Programme, Mistaken Goals of Childhood misbehaviour, effect of parenting style on children


Bereavement; we talk about loss and how major loss triggers previous loss, the process of grief. Over time, I support you to emerge into the person you want to be and the life you feel able to live


The Food Mood connection how we use food to fix our emotional pain


Disability; living with disability and focusing on ability


Epilepsy awareness and maximising independence


Support for carers;the complexity of emotions, grief, guilt, loss, insight and investment in the future


Autistic Spectrum; Epilepsy; insight, coaching for life, wellness plan


Self-development; strengths and skills assertion, self awareness, esteem and confidence building


Stress management and relaxation; origins of individual stress and education to feel grounded again


Supervisor to counsellors


EFT and Hypnosis; phobias, habits, self-development etc