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Therapy doesn’t have to take years; I am trained to help you gain insight into the origins of your problems and to develop the necessary knowledge and skills and to reach your potential. You will be able to take practical steps towards creating a fulfilling and happy life! I am the facilitator and you are in the driving seat! I can support you whether you are in crisis and your world is falling down around you, with specific issues or you just would like to understand yourself better.


With insight, we realise that we are survivors.

We are the architects of our own destiny, of our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

We can take control and make our lives more fulfilling and happy


I work with individuals, couples, young people, children & families and groups


Feedback from some of my clients

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kim over the last few weeks. Although some of the issues raised have been painful to discuss I always felt that Kim was totally ‘with me’, offering empathy, support and insight.  I never doubted her absolute commitment and focus on me and my story and, as well as being a highly skilled psychotherapist, she is also a beautiful, caring and lively person.  It has been a joy to spend quality time with her. I think it is a profoundly effective approach. Clear and effective!! It is able to get to the heart of an issue very quickly.WP

When I was at a low ebb, the opportunity to feel listened to and have some positive actions to take forward was quite literally an absolute life saver. Kim is positive, sensitive, experienced and so easy to talk to I cannot recommend her highly enough. BK

Kim’s’ profound knowledge underpinned by warmth and humanity, shone a bright leading light through my grief journey. AM

When I first met Kim, I felt trapped by my feelings and could see no light at the end of my personal tunnel. After working through my issues, Kim helped me understand that my destiny was in my own hands. She has helped me understand my past and to look forward to a bright future. She is an open minded, sensitive, caring Counsellor. CM

Treat Yourself to an MOT!

Self AwarenessWe all benefit from understanding ourselves better; why we do what we do, why we are attracted to some people, why our relationships pan out, while others don’t. This is a must before entering any relationship, in my book!

In ten session, you tell your story and together we discover your core beliefs about yourself and the world. We call it your ‘Life Style’ – our blueprint of all our thoughts, feelings and hypotheses about life, about men and women, intimacy, how emotions are to be dealt with, how we see our place in the world, our view of success, etc etc. It is based on childhood perceptions of childhood experiences – perceptions that often still operate in adulthood.

Our Life Style, is the suitcase that we pack for life’s journey and contains all our experiences, good and bad. The infant is born into a play in process and being weak, is reliant on others and feels inferior. So s/he strives towards the self chosen goal of significance, protecting her/himself from these feelings of inferiority, creating her unique system of meeting difficulties, the Lifestyle. The more encouragement the child receives, the more confident and significant the adult will feel.

About Me

My name is Kim Harries and I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with over 20 years experience. I have always been interested in human psychology, ever since I was a love-lorn teenager. I was fascinated by what attracts us to each other, why we behave as we do, what makes us feel stuck in life and why we seem to repeat old patterns. So I did a degree in psychology and decided to train as a counsellor. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler seemed to answer these questions for me and I began my training in 1990. I trained alongside my day job which was teaching life skills to adults with epilepsy and associated disabilities. I then had my lovely son and work part time specialising in coaching and supporting adults with mild and moderate mental health issues in or back into the workplace.

Being employed within the field of mental health and disabilities, I am committed to providing support to people with disabilities and to carers.

What I do

I provide skilled, short to medium term counselling and psychotherapy and personal developmentfor individuals and couples and families. I also offer family education, coaching for life and counsellor supervision. I am a Registered Member with the BACP and abide by their Code of Ethics.

How I work

I am principally trained in Individual Psychology but am eclectic in my approach and flexible to meet the needs of each client. I work within a range of psychotherapeutic, humanistic and cognitive models and the tools I use may include early recollections, EFT, art, role play and relaxation – whatever helps you understand and express yourself best!

What is Individual Psychology

Individual Psychology, [the Adlerian Counselling of Alfred Adler] is a model of short term therapy and education. The client gains insight into where they are in their present lives by exploring their core belief system/convictions and relates current difficulties to earlier experiences of pain and trauma, together with perceived blocks to happiness by identifying their source of encouragement and changing mistaken childhood beliefs into affirmations and positive action.

Areas of Expertise


Relationships; individuals, couples, sexual issues

Depression, bi polar, post natal, SAD

Anxiety, Panic, phobias, Agoraphobia. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sexual abuse, self-abuse and its survival.

Family issues

Parenting philosophy and tips

Eating distress, the food mood connection

Bereavement and loss

Disability; living with disability and focusing on ability

Epilepsy awareness and maximising independence

Support for carers


Disability and Support; Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers; Epilepsy, Mild Moderate Mental Health


Stress management and relaxation

Supervisor to counsellors